And Now Back To The Music

Do you secretly love listening to your mum and dad’s music? Or even your grandparents’ music? Maybe you like listening to older music because it gives you an edge. Or you need a new personality trait to lean on. If any of those applies to you, you should most definitely listen to And Now Back to the Music. 

This show plays on 2MCE community radio on Mondays 6-7 pm. The premise of the show is that all of the songs played throughout the hour are based around a common theme. Listeners must text or call in when they think they know the theme to receive the almighty prize of knowing they are a little bit superior. 

The show is hosted by me, Susy Cornford, Sophie Watson and Noah Secomb. We basically just talk about whatever is going on in our lives, cool memories, and play music. So it’ll feel like you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends without actually having seen anyone (perfect for homebodies and hermits). Or, you can listen to the show in a group and get unnecessarily competitive about who guesses the theme first. Either way, super duper fun. 

Tune in at 6 pm Mondays and follow our instagram @anbttm