What to expect from 2022: Flurona

It’s the last thing anyone wants to hear, but Australia is preparing for another outbreak of the virus coming into winter, which is traditionally the flu season. 

Over the past two years, influenza infections have hit record lows, because of lockdowns, mask wearing, physical distancing and improved hand hygiene. 

But after the Government’s ‘let it rip’ approach over summer, it has become clear that as we head into the coming winter, those same measures will not be in place, meaning another massive spike in coronavirus cases – but not just COVID19, but the flu as well. 

We’ve already seen it in Israel, people getting diagnosed with both coronavirus and influenza at the same time, a double whammy of infections. 

So go and get your booster if you haven’t already and get your flu shots!!!

Most Pharmacies around Bathurst will be administering flu shots when stock arrives in late April to early May.