Superhero’s: Too Much?

Credit: Motley Fool

2022 is the year of superheroes. But I know I’m already close to losing interest. Our younger years were filled with a modest, but fulfilling scattering of films and television series from Marvel; the golden age of Ironman and Captain America. And is it just me, or is the magic dying because it’s not as long awaited as it used to be? Maybe I’m just getting old. 

In 2021, Marvel plugged social media viewing with screenshots and memes and opinions on the new television series, which was great. Until there were five of them; where was the breathing room? Instagram feeds went from Wandavision to Falcon And The Winter Soldier to Loki to What If…? to Hawkeye. Not enough time to mull it over, talk to friends and siblings about it, and then anticipate the next installment in the Marvel universe. 

We all know that the waiting makes the treat even tastier, so why not drag it out a little longer? Marvel has all the time in the world to release their films, why not spread out the content to make us wait, talk about the previous films, ponder the mysterious new plotline, and get more excited as the countdown nears it’s close. A stovetop kettle builds pressure the longer it’s on the stove, only to be released when the time is right to enjoy a cup of tea or bowl of noodles, which is always more satisfying when the water is fully boiled. 

So what does this mean for 2022? Take your time to recover from last year, because we have more incoming. From Dr Strange and Wanda messing up the timeline in Multiverse of Madness, to a heartbreaking Black Panther film, to Thor… being Thor? My own hopes are high for a year that is just enough, but the extra TV shows on the phase four list are daunting and may tip us over the edge into fatigued fans. 

It also begs the question, when is it too much? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going since 2008, and every film since the release of Iron Man has been connected. That’s 14 years worth of movies, and now there are TV shows connected as well. After the release of Spiderman: No Way Home, The 2002 Spiderman trilogy and the 2012 The Amazing Spiderman are part of the MCU. And there are the Disney Plus TV shows as well, and the Marvel Netflic shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Ironfist, Luke Cage, Punisher and The Defenders are now on Disney plus too. Does that mean they’re included in this grand MCU timeline? 

That becomes a whole lot of viewing time, that most of us really only have time for if and when we catch COVID, so is the MCU about to explode? At what point do new viewers say, enough is enough? 

Who has the answers? Well some big wig execs at Marvel and Disney, but they’re certainly being tight lipped about it. 

So the only advice we can offer is to stay safe! And please don’t burn out from ‘superhero fatigue’. Remember, you can always catch up later.