Credit: CSU Confessions Facebook

So after much disappointment, the CSU Confessions Facebook page has risen like a phoenix after being shut down last year in the wake of Federal Law changes. For those of those who don’t know what this glorious page is (whether you’re a Fresher or you’ve been living under a rock), CSU Confessions is a Facebook page where Charles Sturt students from all campuses can send in anonymous ‘confessions’ about literally anything. So far we’ve had some ones about the quality of the redheads of our campus and some not so nice confessions about people urinating in some… well interesting places.

But magically, the new admins of the page have brought back the much beloved anonymous public shaming site. So with the reemergence of the page brings a new admin in control of the page and hopefully many more colourful and interesting confessions that come along with it in what is already shaping up to be a wild year.