Credit: Western Advocate

O week can be stressful, fun, scary, exciting and honestly every single emotion in between. I’ve curated a playlist that can cater for all those crazy emotions. 

Songs for …

The drive to uni – Life is a Highway, Rascal Flatts

When you don’t know where your new dorm is – Lost Boy, Ruth B.

When you’re setting up your room – Working 9-5, Dolly Parton

When you meet your first new friend – You’ve got a Friend in Me, Randy Newman

When you win drag trivia – I was born this way, Lady Gaga

When you can’t sleep your first night – Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel

When you create a love story spanning 10+ years in your head with the first attractive person you see (hopefully I’m not the only one…) – All of Me, John Legend

When you lose disastrously in lawn bowls – Everything I Wanted, Billie Eilish

When you miss home – Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran 

Showing everyone all the swag you got at market day – Thrift Store, Macklemore

Getting ready for Year six disco – Fireflies, Owl City

Trying to clean up after the colour run – I Can Sing a Rainbow, Play School

Your first time at the Ox – Dancing Queen, ABBA