How To Get Around Uni Culture

Credit: Western Advocate

You’re probably sick of hearing “get around the uni culture guys”, and we hate to say it, but you’d better get used to it because it will be thrown around for the entire year. 

So we’ve compiled a list of ways you can not only “get involved” with the uni culture, but create it.

#1: Join a Club

CSU offers a vast range of clubs, from sporting to society and culture and communications. 

The Bathurst Campus has a big sporting culture, so either playing on the rugby teams, or the soccer teams, or even just joining the clubs as a social member is a great way to meet new people, and support the uni. 

You could also write for the student magazine, even if you’re not a comms student. 

Be sure to have a nice stroll on the Library Lawn come March 2nd, all the uni clubs will be out in full force trying to get you to sign up and join their ranks (yes, including us). 

#2: Join your Res’ Social Committee

Each residence has a social committee or SOCO, and they plan events for that specific event. The brains behind the Diggings Christmas in July party? Diggings SOCO. The one JOV event no one turned up for? JOV SOCO. 

The Social Committees are a great way to have a voice in how your dormies and everyone on the Res bond, and celebrate various events throughout the year. 

The teams are made up of your standard executive team, A President, Vice, Treasurer and Secretary, and then several general representatives. 

They’re an opportunity to build teamwork and networking skills, as well organisation skills. 

#3: Check out the Rafters Nights

Credit: Rafters Bar CSU

CSU’s uni bar is said to be coming back bigger and better than ever, with a fresh new look, and a fresh new regime. What’s better than local DJ’s at a local bar – so local, you don’t even need to leave campus? 

Watch this space for what Rafters has to offer this year.