Advice from Interp

Because don't we just look like the sort of people you'd trust?

“Don’t Limit Yourself to a friend group of a couple of people during O-Week, get out and meet as many people as you can, and find connections in everyone you meet.”

–    Merrick, CEO of Draftbrand. 

“Actually arrive in time for O-Week, not the weekend after”

–    Mike

“Stay on Campus so you don’t have to drive to and from Orange and not have drinks. (Don’t Drink and Drive Kids.)”

–    A responsible human

“Don’t get too drunk at Pres and force people who barely know you to look after you.” 

–    Anonymous

“Make sure you get a good nights rest, the RL’s will wake you up at 4am by any means necessary. Be prepared for banging on doors and windows and blasting music.”

–    Sleepless.

“Don’t believe your new friends when they tell you mixing drinks is actually better for your hangover the next day.”

  • Gullible.