New Year’s Resolutions

With the exuberance and merriment of Christmas just about behind us, we’re turning our attention to the end of a pretty crazy year.

2021; what happened to you? Weren’t you meant to be our break, our respite from the chaos and fear of 2020?

Instead, the tedium of trying to stay alive in a global pandemic continued, and we might have questioned why we kept having to keep going, to engage with a facsimile of learning that was so far removed from what we’d expected at the beginning of the year, to concentrate, to hand in that f***ing assessment in on time.

But you’ve given us a lot as well, from a hope-filled vaccine rollout, another round of big-tech shaming that looks like it might start to fix our online world and a small girl, miraculously found over three weeks after she was lost.

So in that spirit, the team here are imposing our own little order on the chaos, and committing ourselves to something we can look back on in 12 months and say, ‘Yeah, I actually managed to do that!”


Liam: To go a whole year with the same pair of headphones (as opposed to the ….ahem… this year🤦‍♂️)

Susy: To actually try contact lenses (I have very little faith in me)

Archie: To go a whole year without being made redundant from a regional news station (doubt it)

Sophie: To keep a pair of white sneakers white (thank you Medusa dance floor)

So are you going to try one little thing in 2022? As you can see, it can be completely random, or something meaningful. Head over to our Facebook page, and give us your thoughts on what the new year can be😁