Better Dorms and Gardens

Last month, I left you with my wonderful Raphidophra named Vegas, so this month we’ll start with one of the first plants I ever got, other than Lucy (My Devils Ivy), who you also met last month. 

Next up, my Snake plants, or Sansaverias. 

This one was my second ever plant and is the slowest growing plant I own. Despite being perfectly healthy, this snake plant, named Sansa (Yes, after the legendary Queen in the North), has only given me one leaf in nearly three years. 

Snake plants are pretty easy going, only needing to be watered once every six weeks and happy in or out of sunlight, but my Sansevieria Moonshine, named Luna, is throwing a bit of a hissy fit at the moment. It’s acting like I’ve been overwatering it, which is possible because plants require less watering in the winter. I’ve had to sacrifice one of its leaves which had turned yellow. 

I have a couple of options to monitor Luna’s health, and I will provide an update next month.

Now we have my neon pothos in the same family of the Devil’s Ivy. My neon pothos is my only plant not to have a name, so please send some suggestions at!