The Very Very Short Crash Course To Numerology

Now you may call us crackpots for having a “witchy” section for this month’s Interp, but to that I say “It’s literally Halloween are you shitting me? Get into the spirit.” So without any further ado….

Numerology: What is it?

Well for starters, according to The Law Of (sounds like a dodgy Ashley Madison) numerology is

the study of numbers in your life. You can uncover information about the world and also each individual person by using Numerology.

How To Start

It sounds simple enough. I’m definitely not an expert on the matter, nor do I know exactly how it works (that’s more Em and Suki’s department) but I did get my numbers read online by a funky website that spoke in a real soothing, robotic voice.

Now from what I gathered in my very basic research, the numbers that you get are added up and they include the numbers in your birth date and the number of letters in your name. Three numbers should come up in your calculations (mine were 5,5,11) and then it tells you your *ultra special* path to destiny and a neato lucky number that you should be paying more attention to, especially when they are in groups of two or more.

What to do now?

Well after you know the information you’ve been dying to get a hold of there’s nothing you really can do. You’ve just gotta live your life and just wait for all the good or bad things your numbers said would happen to come with your fingers crossed.

Now when I did the online thing, it was a huge ego boost and it told me that my numbers were special, I’m a rare breed and that I’m basically the best person ever or something (I was sceptical too). But all jokes aside, when it described my attributes based on my numbers it was pretty spot on. It freaked me out a lot to have my computer telling me that I’m an overthinking yet hard working mess based on a few numbers.

In closing, although I was sceptical at first about how it would work, I ultimately came to kinda believe what this computer program had told me. Before I met the wonderful Interp vice president, Suki Reid, I wasn’t really a spiritual person but one time she made me buy a cool ring in an art gallery and once she explained how the crystal in the rock would work, I must admit I thought it was pretty interesting. So thanks to the cool ring and Suki for opening my eyes to the interesting yet debatable world of “witchy” stuff.

And if you want to use the same website I used for your numbers, here’s the link: