It’s officially spooky season, and even though Australia totally misses out on the autumn weather, and instead of crisp falling leaves we have flowers blooming left right and centre, that does not mean we cannot have our own fun. It’s the time of year for witchy vibes, slightly provocative costumes and lots of specials on sweets.

I have always argued the possible scientific reasonings behind star signs and not always relied on the fact that most people I know are strikingly similar to their respective signs. I don’t see how planet alignments couldn’t affect our personalities, after all, it’s a very well known fact that the moon directly impacts ocean tides, and as we are made up of 70% water, why wouldn’t the moon impact us? So what does this spooky season mean for your star sign? Pull out your co-star, let’s get into it.

Halloween Horoscopes

It’s Libra season, this season represents socialising, which we believe coincides with the ending of NSW lockdowns and the ability to legally hit the pubs. Most importantly we are currently enduring our third mercury retrograde this year and on October 31st, the moon will be in a Waning Crescent phase. 

We are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, meaning our communication is skewed, we have issues with our technology, people from our past we’d rather forget may be popping up. Retrogrades aren’t as scary as they’re made out to be, they present opportunities for us to grow and leave behind the things that are holding us back. That’s message the tarot gives us – trials and tribulation can lead the way for new beginnings.

Credit; Encyclopedia Britannica

Libra: Sep 23 – Oct 22 

  • Lack of balance, good fortune following Oct 6 new moon, time to start new projects 

Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21

  • Time to restore and rejuvenate, time to relax with the sun in Libra, manage stress because of mercury which may lead to brain fog and communication issues 

Sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21

  • Very social time, focus on friends, sun in your house of friends, technical issues with mercury, money flowing towards the end of month 

Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19 

  • Libra sun in professionalism, work up a storm, could be stressful, difficult communicating with mercury

Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18 

  • Libra sun in expansion, it’s time for adventure, exploration, hold off on any big decisions or moves with mercury retrograde 

Pisces: Feb 19 – Mar 20 

  • Working hard and processing emotions, Libra sun in intimacy woohoo, red planet activating money and sexual allure. Em there is A LOTTT for pisces this month so i just cherrypicked xx

Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 19 

  • As a natural leader, take time to work with friends as libra sun is in your relationship square, stay away from confrontation during mercury as your communication breaks down

Taurus: Apr 20 – May 20

  • Time for a deep clean and declutter with Libra sun in organization and well-being. Time for a face mask and a good reset. Keep on top of important details that may be lost during retrograde, mars is in your sporty sector, hit up the gym and try and ease your competitive spirit 

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

  • It’s time for some fun, hard work coming to an end, All of the admired Gemini qualities are amplified by this Libra sun, so surround yourself with friends. Watch out for the possible resurfacing of drama during this retrograde
  • For em: another funky weekend in store for u maam 

Caner: June 21 – July 22

  • Focus on family and your house/ room with the Libra sun in domestic affairs and family, communication with family will struggle during the mercury retrograde, major career developments with Aries moon

Leo: July 23 – Aug 22

  • Very social time with the Libra sun inviting fun and quality time with friends, a good time to launch projects or relationships. Watch out for technological breakdowns with merc retrograde, mars adds an equal balance of stress and fun

Virgo: Aug 23 – Sep 22  

  • Time to focus on stability and organisation, libra sun in daily routines and finances, As a highly detailed oriented sign, bring order back into your life, mercury retrograde sees struggles with work communication, Anchoring yourself is critical during this time, time to advocate for yourself

Now that we know what’s in store this spooky season, what crystals do we need? 

I recommend everyone have a clear quartz and selenite in their arsenal. 

Clear Quartz is the gem of spirituality, and it’s an amplifying stone, it will boost the energy of any of crystals, including the ones mentioned today. 

Selenite is a cleansing crystal, meaning it’ll keep the energies around you pure.

The Protection Crystals

When getting involved in spirituality, you need to keep yourself protected! This can be done with herbs like Cloves, Rosemary, Salt. It can also be done with crystals, particularly

 Black Tourmaline
and Tigers Eye

And the love crystals

These crystals will bring you love and lust and adoration from all angles, first up is Carnelian

This pretty red stone will bring you compliments galore!

Next up is Rose Quartz. 

These crystals are the most popular of the love stones, but they also promote self love as well.