From the President’s Desk

As the Uni year is coming to an end, so is my patience with lockdown. I know we can all agree on this. I can’t wait to be traveling between Bathvegas and Newy every couple of weeks to see all my mates and experience the nice summer weather. Lockdown has been hard for all of us but hopefully this issue will fix you right up. 

For starters, since it’s October, this issue is a little spooky themed with me, Emily Minney, Gertrude and Suki Reid writing a massive spread on some witchy stuff. I had to do some research to write my very small contribution (if it means anything to anyone my numerology numbers are: 5,5,11 *fun fact*). We have some more serious articles as well that might just affect you (the student reading this) with Liam O’Connell covering the massive change to club regulations that passed through the CSU board this month. Plus, so much more!

So much has happened in the last month! At the time of writing, lockdown now has a visible end in sight, Gladys resigned as premier and so much. The time between last issue and this issue has really been a blur for me. It just seems that as we approach the end of lockdown, our collective lives are starting to pick up and go back to normal again. These past two years have been very difficult to people so my message this month is to:

  1. Check in on your mates because we all need a big rant sometimes
  2. Get vaccinated!!! At the time of writing, I’ve had my first dose of AstraZeneca and as sick as it made me it was so worth it. I’ll be getting vaccinated not long after we go to print so next issue I will have all the freedoms of a fully vaxxed person.

Writing these editorials is my favourite part about the magazine because I really get to talk the others up for the amazing work they’ve been doing but I also get to communicate directly to our readers which is pretty neat. It’s only our second issue of the new revamped “Interp” but I’m already so proud of how it’s gotten off the ground. The amount of support we got from everyone around the state reading online, across campus and in town was amazing! So special thanks to everyone that has supported us as a team (and there’s a lot of you). On behalf of all of us at Interp, we truly are so grateful for it. And hey, if this is your first time picking up our humble magazine, I’m glad you could make it for the ride!

Much Love,

Joe Richards