My Favourite Things About Spring

Winter is finally over, and what better way to celebrate than to list my favorite things about Spring!

Winter is just too brutally cold, especially here in Bathurst, so Spring is a welcome change, so here are some of my favourite things about it!

The days get longer.

Even without daylight savings, the days get longer, the sun starts to set later – one of the telltale signs that warmer days are on the horizon. The longer the days are, the more you can do with them, and for a busy bee like me, that’s just what I need. Speaking of Bees…


Okay, sure, bees can be a little scary because it’s not a pleasant experience when they sting you, but bees are pretty, and they work hard to bring us flowers, which is another spectacular thing about this time of year.

Warmth and Sunshine.

I love warm weather and sunshine because it makes the outdoors more inviting. It’s easier to go outside for a run, sunbathe, or just sit outside on a picnic rug and do some study, read a book, the list goes on.

Houseplants time to shine.

The final thing I love about spring is what it does to my plants – my house plants unfurl new leaves like no one’s business in the spring, and it’s the best time to repot them, fertilise them and ensure they grow to the best of their ability over the warmer months.

So these are my favourite things about Spring (as well as it being both Libra and Scorpio season). I just love the warm weather and everything that comes with it. But what about you? What do you love most about Spring?