From the Vice’s Desk

Hi there

Hey, I’m Suki a first-year comms student and Interps Vice President, so, my job is to essentially keep Joe Joe on top of his game and have his back when he’s had a few too many bevvys the night before. I do a bit of everything from writing and editing to buying a team mascot.

Originally from Sydney, I am loving living in Bathurst on campus. You have probably seen me leaving the ox a little too early or making Joe Joe take me to foodworks, if you know, you know. I speak my own language that I’m sure you will all, hopefully, pick up soon. I feel like I’m the slightly neurotic step-mum to this Interp baby that all of us are raising, I tend to do a lot of things that I want to do and poach the fun off of Joe. Essentially I get to do all the fun things whilst also not being the main man. Second place is the best after all.

I have a small-ish background in editorial and have done some work experience at a publishing company which will hopefully come in clutch. I straight up aim to be a less bitchy Anna Wintour in the future iykyk. I am that girl in this team who slightly struggles to come up with ideas that aren’t taking the piss, but we are getting better at suggesting articles with a serious tone. On that note, special shoutout to Noah’s article letting us all know how to save some cash when food shopping, though he targeted a juice flavour I’m allergic to (neggy vibes) it’s a goodie.

I hope that Joe, the rest of the Interp team and I can keep producing articles that you all love! It’s beyond exciting that we are releasing the first issue of Interp and hopefully you all enjoy it! I cannot wait to keep creating more content and issues for you all. Love ya and catch ya next month.

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