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Sup, you’re reading the new and improved Interp. Well, what is Interp you ask? That’s a bloody good question. Most of us on campus weren’t around when the magazine Interpellator was around. This thing was the student run magazine from the late 80’s to 2016 and boy it was good. So when I was asked if I was interested in reviving such a CSU staple by the legendary Jock Cheetham, I jumped at the chance faster than anything.

So nearly five months later and after numerous meetings, tedious housekeeping and some wrangling of the kids in my course who are just as crazy as me, we are finally putting out our first issue. This is the baby of all the wonderful people who have contributed. We have all worked so hard on this and I’m excited to share all our wonderful and diverse personalities (that’s the nicest way I can say that we’re all crazy for starting this).

I don’t really know how to write this without bawling all over my laptop because to finally see this come through is a dream came true. I cannot thank Interp team for everything they’ve done. You guys are all what keeps me sane, despite most of you probably thinking I’ve lost the plot.

So I think this is the time for introductions. Well hi I’m Joseph Richards (but just call me Joe because only mum calls me Joseph when I’m in trouble). I’m a fresher Journalism student from Seaham, NSW which is smaller than your pinky fingernail in the middle of nowhere between Maitland and Newcastle. You’ve probably seen me around campus or in town (I work at KFC and the Ox is my favourite haunt). I’ve had more different hairstyles than there are seasons since we’ve been here in February so if that doesn’t ring any bells you’re lucky because I wouldn’t wanna see me either.

For the first issue of a fresh rebrand of something so respected, I think we’re pretty strong out the gate. We have some interesting stuff from what’s happening in Afghanistan, some neat recipes that you can cook for any meal, and other assorted things that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Hopefully in the upcoming years we as a team get to know you as readers and vice versa. As time goes by, we’ll hopefully get to know what you, the students of CSU, want to hear about.

On a closing note, if you think you want to give this magazine stuff a crack you are more than welcome to get into contact with the interp team through the email,

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it!,

Joe Richards

P.S. check out our Facebook,

Special Thanks to:

Jock Cheetham – for guiding me through this

Sophie Watson – She wrote this month’s feature article that you should definitely read as it is interesting and very topical.

Alex Cary – for putting up with my constant emails 

Lizzie Butt – for giving me the right contacts to get this thing off the ground.

Suki Reid – my partner in crime/vice president

Liam O’Connell – for dealing with the funds.

The Paranormal Activity movies – for scaring me so much that I decided to pull an all-nighter to edit and contribute to the mag in one night.

Bria Aplin – our legendary social media whiz.

Special No Thanks to:

The Paranormal Activity Movies – never been more scared in my life.

COVID-19 – for messing up my plans for 2021.

The Bathurst climate – you have us all freezing.

My sleep schedule – just get better like jeez.

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